How Sanofi is Unlocking Sites’ Potential and Supercharging their Ability to Manage Enrollment

Sanofi is investing in innovation to support sites to supercharge their ability to manage enrollment. They are joined by the CEO of StudyTeam to address how to:

- Introduce new technology and processes to a team
- Evolve past manual processes
- Leverage data-driven insights to manage  enrollment strategies and site performance proactively

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Enrolling a Global Study Ahead of Schedule

StudyTeam's CEO Ralph Passarella and Amgen's Riddhi Chana discuss how through proactive planning and rapid decision-making Amgen accelerated patient enrollment during a pandemic .

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Managing Multiple Trials: Recruitment and Enrollment Best Practices

Learn how to best manage all your trials with key StudyTeam features including creating research indications, easily searching your eligible patient population and adding patients from one trial to the next.

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Partnering to Solve the Enrollment Problem

Rebecca Goldfaden from East Coast Institute for Research discusses how clinical trial sites can partner with sponsors to drive more efficient enrollment.

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