ECIR Partners with Sponsors to Solve a Massive Problem in Clinical Trial Enrollment

East Coast Institute for Research (ECIR) is a 13-year-old clinical research company based in northeast Florida, and works with the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies.   

To meet patient enrollment timelines, ECIR needed to:

  • Track potential patients prior to a sponsor’s site initiation visit (SIV), which means having patients already in your enrollment system

  • Line up potential patients prior to SIV, which means having the ability to quickly enter patient names in your recruitment system

  • Engage all site staff in the recruitment process, which means having an easy-to-use system accessible to all staff 

  • Manage recruitment for trials and multiple sponsors, which means having one go-to system for all your trials

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Learn how ECIR met these needs using StudyTeam, and met or exceeded all of its patient enrollment goals.

Introducing StudyTeam

monitor-sites trial boardTrusted by the largest global biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical trial enrollment, StudyTeam arms sponsors with richer patient recruitment data that helps pharmaceutical companies take action on patient enrollment sooner.

Clinical research sites can manage patient recruitment across all trials, sponsors, or CROs. Enter information once and it automatically goes where you need it to go, eliminating tedious work and freeing sites up so they can get back to caring for patients.

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About StudyTeam

StudyTeam provides cloud-based software that accelerates the development of new and life-saving therapies. We serve the global life science industry, including thousands of clinical research sites, the most innovative biotechs, and the world's largest biopharmaceutical companies.

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Our Customers Say

StudyTeam gives us visibility into activity at a site enabling us to support and partner with sites to deliver tailored enrollment tools to get more patients into these pivotal trials."

Dylan Rosser, Executive Director of Global Development Operations, Amgen 


We now use StudyTeam to track patient recruitment and patient enrollment for all of our studies. StudyTeam is a huge game changer for us to track all our patients in the solid tumor and hematologic malignancy trials that we’re participating in, and we’re now able to be even more efficient with our prescreening, thanks to StudyTeam. We’re grateful for sponsors like AstraZeneca that [use StudyTeam and] focus on providing sites like ours the solutions we need to enroll effectively.” 

Katherine Wall, senior data manager at clinical research site Redlands Hematology Oncology

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