Top-10 Biopharma Improves Enrollment Efficiency Across Complex Oncology Trials


more patients were enrolled by sites using StudyTeam than sites that did not


of sites chose to use StudyTeam over their prior solution for managing patient enrollment


of sites that chose to use StudyTeam added another trial from the Sponsor’s portfolio

The Sponsor


A global top-10 biopharmaceutical company with several oncology therapies in market and several in clinical development. They are currently using StudyTeam on eight oncology trials, in ~30 countries, and ~200 sites.

The Challenge

The Head of Oncology and her Clinical Operations team at the Sponsor company were facing increasing competition for patients in their oncology trials. The complexity of the protocols and the length of the trials made it difficult to track patients longitudinally prior to randomization, leading to major blind spots in the patient recruitment and enrollment funnel.

The Sponsor also assumed that their sites were working on their studies, but lacked the data to know which sites were successfully recruiting and pre-screening and which were not. They found that few candidates were actually hitting the IxRS system. 


The Solution

The Sponsor deployed StudyTeam globally to their research sites across three key oncology trials

With the help of StudyTeam’s Customer Success team, each site was contacted to activate and train the coordinators on StudyTeam’s simple user interface; sites were up and running on StudyTeam within just a few weeks.

The sites leveraged the platform’s tagging and follow-up features to create follow up tasks for each patient, be alerted when they came due, and ensure that they didn’t lose track of patients who become eligible after the longer tracking periods that are typical in oncology studies. Sites were also able to use StudyTeam as a searchable patient database to quickly and easily screen patients across multiple trials; those patients who had screened out of one study could be instantly considered for another.

Because uptake of StudyTeam was nearly universal across hundreds of the Sponsor’s sites, the Sponsor could now see which sites were having success with recruitment and which were struggling, allowing them to focus their site management efforts on sites needing assistance.


How StudyTeam Helped

Longitudinal Patient Visibility

  • StudyTeam’s Trial Board made it easy for the Sponsor to track oncology patients over long periods of time and during lengthy medication washout periods. This ensured that they were able to enroll every enrollable patient.

Near Universal Site Uptake

  • Because sites chose StudyTeam overwhelmingly over other methods for tracking recruitment, prescreening, and enrollment, the Sponsor had access to comprehensive real-time enrollment funnel data.

Complex Schedule Tracking

  • StudyTeam’s Visit Window Calculator made it easy for sites to schedule patients within visit tolerances. This saved sites immense amounts of time and reduced protocol deviations for the Sponsor.


A sample Trial Dashboard illustrating the types of real-time data sponsors receive in StudyTeam.

Key features

Patient Trial Board

StudyTeam’s Trial Board provides sites with a central place where all identified patient candidates stay visible until they are eligible. Making it easier to track patients over long medication washout periods. Helping you enroll every enrollable patient.

Visit Window Calculator

StudyTeam’s Visit Window Calculator makes it easy for sites to schedule patients within visit tolerances, even when changes occur. Saves massive amounts of time for sites. Reduces protocol deviations for sponsors

Pre-Screening Multiple Trials

StudyTeam makes it easy for sites to pre-screen patients for multiple trials.  Helping sites find the best course of treatment for their patient, and ensure sponsors enroll every enrollable patient.  

Reporting & Metrics

The Site Heat map and Patient Recruitment Source report ensure you know, earlier, which sites are having success with recruitment and which are not, allowing you to develop focused outreach strategies.



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