Top-30 Biopharma Improves Oncology Enrollment by 41% with StudyTeamTM

Key Insight:


More patients enrolled by sites that used StudyTeam 

The Sponsor


A top-30 biopharmaceutical company running a Phase 3 lung cancer study. The Head of Oncology and her Clinical Operation team were facing increased competition for patients.

The Challenge

Managing patients in oncology trials is challenging because the sites need to track patients over long periods of time. In hard-to-enroll studies, sites need to enroll every qualified patient possible. 

The Sponsor lacked insight into whether sites were capturing all potential patients. Without visibility into recruiting and pre-screening activities, they were not able to understand why there were so few enrollers in the IWRS and which sites needed help.


The Solution

The Sponsor viewed a demo of StudyTeamTM, and saw how it would allow for an easy workflow and its tagging and follow up features would enable the sites to track oncology patients over a potentially long period of time before they are screened. With this solution, sites could ensure that no patients would fall through the cracks.

By using StudyTeam across multiple studies, sites could pre-screen the same patient for multiple trials, and match each patient with the best trial for them. Previously, this process was cumbersome and time consuming, so there were missed opportunities to screen patients for multiple trials. Now, patients who had pre-screen failed for a previous trial could be easily considered for the Sponsor’s new trial.



41% more patients enrolled by sites that used StudyTeam

After activating StudyTeam, the Sponsor saw 41% more patients enrolled by sites that used StudyTeam compared to those that did not. Sites using StudyTeam were able to ensure they did not lose track of patients who became eligible after the longer tracking period typical in oncology studies by creating follow up tasks for each patient. The sites were alerted when each task became due and were able to check in with the patients. 

By using StudyTeam to easily pre-screen one patient for multiple studies, sites maximized enrollment and decreased drop off rates. Optimal enrollment was achieved for all — the sites, the Sponsor, and most importantly, the patients.

Key software features

Pre-screening multiple trials

Patients who pre-screen failed for previous trials can be quickly and easily considered for new trials. The same patient can be screened for multiple oncology trials.

Patient trial board

Use tasks and alerts to track patients over longer medication washout periods pre-enrollment and follow up when the patient is ready for screening.


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