Top-10 Sponsor Enrolls 22% More Patients with StudyTeamTM

Global Sponsor eliminates site burden, while gaining earlier visibility into site performance and pre-screening data


More patients were enrolled by sites that used StudyTeam


Of sites that used StudyTeam opted to use it again on their next trial

The Sponsor


A top-10 global pharmaceutical company that had previously worked with a large CRO and invested millions in the effort to create a solution that would improve the predictability of their enrollment timelines. This costly solution proved inconsistent and was not adopted by their research sites, ultimately resulting in its failure. 

The Challenge

The Sponsor struggled with the same difficulties that many other pharmaceutical companies face when conducting clinical trials and attempting to predict and improve their enrollment timelines.

  • 80% of clinical trials miss their enrollment goals and accurately predicting enrollment timelines is challenging.

  • To combat this problem, sponsors need early visibility in recruiting, pre-screening, and screening data.

  • Traditional portals and patient logs are a burden for research sites, distracting them from the work that gets patients enrolled.


The Solution

StudyTeamTM was created to make enrollment faster and more predictable that started with the site’s perspective, rather than the sponsor’s perspective. Instead of creating more work for sites, StudyTeam unifies and integrates into sites’ existing workflows, significantly reducing time spent managing the complexities of enrollment.

The Sponsor, after their previous struggle with adoption of their home-grown portal, wanted to run a test using StudyTeam. They compared site adoption of StudyTeam to that of traditional methods and tested the impact of each method on site satisfaction. Site uptake and satisfaction with a solution are necessary to achieve faster, more predictable enrollment.



Patient Enrollment

In a head-to-head comparison of sites using StudyTeam vs. those that did not, the Sponsor saw 22% more patients enrolled from sites that used StudyTeam.

StudyTeam provided the Sponsor with real-time visibility into site activity and with access to pre-screening data that enabled the Sponsor to quickly take action that would accelerate enrollment. These factors, among others, contributed to the increase in enrollment performance.

By automatically de-identifying and sharing this pre-screening, screening, and enrollment data that sponsors need, StudyTeam also reduced unnecessary status calls and emails, and eliminated the duplicative work of filling out traditional patient logs that distract site personnel from moving patients through the enrollment process.

Most importantly, the sites loved using StudyTeam!


“Our entire team uses StudyTeam daily to document, monitor and report on enrollment activities. It is user friendly and the customer support from [OneStudyTeam] is outstanding, the best we have encountered for ANY system. We have abandoned all other tracking solutions for our recruitment.”

— Ellen Dobrusin, Clinical Research Coordinator


Site Uptake

Of the sites that opted in to use StudyTeam, 99% chose to use it again on their next study. 

By using StudyTeam, the Sponsor gave its sites a single system which sites can keep as their own, even after the trial is complete. The sites can use StudyTeam to track and report on patients for all of their studies — across any sponsor, CRO, or recruiting vendor. Sites can move between studies with a single click, which makes their lives easier and eliminates switchover time that sites used to waste every time they started a new study with a different sponsor, patient log, or pre-screening portal. This was a big problem for sites, and one that most sponsors overlook.

The results were so impactful that the Sponsor chose to roll-out StudyTeam globally across its entire portfolio.  

Key software features

Automatically Share Data

StudyTeam automatically shares de-identified recruitment and enrollment activity and data, saving the sites from having to duplicate work and enter redundant data into traditional pre-screening logs.

Easy to Use Interface

The drag-and-drop interface gets sites operational in less than 60 minutes. Sites are more productive and more engaged in the study.

Patient Log Tracking 

Single system for sites to track patients through the enrollment funnel, across all sponsors, and CROs, reducing site burden.



Discover other lessons learned by top-10 biopharmas through their unified, real-time view of sites’ activity with StudyTeam.


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