Top-20 Biopharma Enrolls Rare Disease Trial 4 Weeks Early with StudyTeam®

Trial completed enrollment


days earlier than planned

Sponsor amended protocol within


months of enrolling the first patient

The Sponsor


A global top-20 biopharmaceutical company with more than 20 therapies in market and more than 30 currently in development entering a clinical trial for a difficult-to-enroll rare disease indication

The Challenge

The sponsor was fairly confident that they knew the optimal sites and
key opinion leaders to enroll their rare disease patients. However, inaccurate feasibility estimates, difficulty obtaining consent, and
competition for limited numbers of patients threatened their ability to
enroll their trial on time.

Additionally, the sponsor knew that traditional central advertising
campaigns were not likely to accelerate enrollment timelines on
rare disease trials. Traditional tactics like activating more sites and
amending the protocol could possibly benefit enrollment, but cost and
uncertainty around ROI made those options less attractive.


The Solution

The sponsor deployed StudyTeam's enrollment
performance management solution early in the site activation process.
Quick and widespread adoption by global sites gave the Sponsor
immediate insight into the numbers of candidate patients at each site,
pre-screening efficiency, I/E criteria analytics, and more.



With StudyTeam deployed across this critical rare disease trial, the Sponsor was able to focus its R&D capital, clinical operations team, and its sites on the work that would maximize efficiency and the probability of hitting their enrollment targets.

As a result, the sponsor intervened early by amending its protocol within ~2 months of first patient enrollment and completed enrollment 29 days ahead of schedule. Completing enrollment early saved it substantial amounts on unnecessary services spend and accelerated time to market, thereby improving revenue potential.


A sample Trial Dashboard illustrating the types of real-time data sponsors receive in StudyTeam.

Key features

• Visibility into the full recruitment and enrollment funnel beginning at the earliest stages of site activation

• Digital I/E Criteria tracking and analysis

• Digital patient source tracking and analysis

• User experience that motivates sites to do the work that moves patients through the recruitment and enrollment funnel


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