DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting

Meet OneStudyTeam at Booth #672

Let’s connect sponsors and sites on one, central platform.

Boston, MA // June 25-29, 2023

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Meet OneStudyTeam at our booth

June 25-29

Join us at DIA 2023, where discussions about healthcare product development can inspire new ways of thinking, innovating, and solving challenges across clinical trials. When you stop by Booth #672, we’ll show you how StudyTeam, our patient enrollment management platform, connects sites and sponsors with cloud-based technology and valuable features that have evolved with the clinical trial landscape. We’ll also serve you a cup of coffee.

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ST SponsorsStudyTeam enables sponsors to:

ST SitesStudyTeam enables sites to:

  • Get earlier visibility across enrollment performance based on site pre-screening data
  • Track enrollment progress in terms of diversity goals, timeline goals, and recruitment partner referrals
  • Use insights from secure site data to make informed decisions about course-corrective action earlier in enrollment
  • Pre-screen patients per protocol needs while more efficiently managing patient visits
  • Build digital patient databases that they can easily filter to identify potential candidates across trials
  • Communicate enrollment updates to sponsors automatically