An Actionable Approach to Improving Diversity

Why is Diversity in Clinical Trials Important

Clinical trials are designed to test the safety and efficacy of a drug or device before it is approved for widespread use. To generate the most representative data, trial participants should represent the diverse population that will eventually use a new treatment. Historically, the industry has failed to engage a number of minority communities in clinical research with certain populations experiencing significant under-representation. This is due in large part to the limited nature and delayed timing of the race and ethnicity data that sponsors receive.

How can StudyTeam Help?

StudyTeam’s Diversity Reporting provides aggregated reports of recruitment and enrollment metrics by race and ethnicity. These
insights allow sponsors to analyze these factors, help identify causes of underrepresentation of diverse populations in clinical trials, and support sponsors to take steps to improve diversity in current trials and better design future trials to be more inclusive.

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StudyTeam Diversity Reporting Benefits

Data When It Matters

• The StudyTeam Diversity
Report provides a view of
the race and ethnicity of
participants much earlier in
the recruitment funnel
• Sponsors can view diversity
enrollment trends several
weeks before they hit IxRS

Actionable Insights

• By gaining insight into the
demographics of a trial earlier, a
sponsor can take action during
the trial to make sure diversity
goals are met
• Sponsors can know where
in the funnel trials are losing
patients and understand trends
that may disproportionately
impact certain populations

Trial-Wide Visibility

• Sponsors can view the race
and ethnicity breakdown of
participants by site and for
the whole trial
• Race and Ethnicity
breakdowns of participants
are available at every stage of
the enrollment funnel

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