Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists reduces patient visit times and monitoring corrections by 50%


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Results using StudyTeam for Sites with eSource suite



25 min

reduction in patient visit times



as many new hire training sessions needed



reduction in monitoring corrections



Extended patient visit times and lack of patient confidence stemmed from site staff’s cumbersome use of paper source documents. Additionally, the complexity of these documents increased the time it took to get new staff trained, while leading to monitoring corrections.



By switching from paper source to eSource, Seacoast Kidney eliminated time spent flipping through source documents to ensure protocols were being followed. Instead, they leaned on built-in templates and alerts to help with protocol adherence and to allow more time for focused, one-on-one patient interaction.



By implementing StudyTeam’s eSource solution, Seacoast Kidney not only streamlined operations but also improved patient care and data integrity. Patient experiences noticeably improved, with streamlined visits and reduced wait times.

“OneStudyTeam is so involved, it never seemed like we were going to be stuck without support. The building of that relationship before we really jumped in all the way with eSource was very helpful and has been instrumental in the success of this for our site."

ashlee morris
Ashlee Morris
Lead Clinical Researcher
Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists
About Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialist
Seacoast Kidney & Hypertension Specialists, led by Dr. Sucharit Joshi, is a renowned research practice located in New Hampshire that specializes in kidney and hypertension trials.
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